InstaViral – Viral Marketing Tips


What immediately pops into your mind with the word: Virus? Do you think of illnesses that you cannot treat with antibiotics? Or, more predictably if you are an internet marketer, do you think of content that is talked about, popular and attention grabbing? Viral content is something that generates a big buzz and then spreads on its own. And no extra advertising or marketing is necessary.

This is word-of-mouth advertising on the web. It’s the ultimate marketing machine and dream of all IM marketers. This kind of viral traffic can be what’s called, server melting traffic. So if you continue reading you’ll learn some nifty hints and ideas to help make this happen in your business.

Avoid the common and predictable. If people know you for just one area, or product – then branch out into something new, or create a new InstaViral 2 Review product. Don’t be scared, or shy, to let something else from you shine through for all to see. You can certainly keep people curious about what will come next from you this way.

If you don’t, then you may become bland and people may take you for granted. This can shrink your bottom line very quickly. When you grab people by the eyeballs with something unexpected, and it’s interesting and unique, then your viral chances suddently get larger. Being talked about and shared is one of the key components of being viral.

Make your offline work easy for people to share too. You make sales and promote your work on the internet, but you don’t have to do all of your marketing there Offline viral content can be just as contagious. Make sure that people can still share your work with those that don’t have internet access by printing, burning copies and easily sending it to them. You could get a lot of new customers by doing this.

A backdoor trick for you to help make something go viral is to act like you’re a clueless idiot about something.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, then you can always come out and admit to being half an idiot about something. Be different – admit you’re not knowledgeable about it and ask for people to help you. You will probably get more attention and comments if you’re upfront about your ignorance on something. But, as always you can pretend and then include some really ignorant comments into your content. Online marketers really do this quite frequently. Just make sure you can live with yourself if you resort to this tactic.

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It’s not exactly known what will create viral content. The reason is because it’s impossible to tell what will capture people’s attention. However, there’s a lot you can do to make your content interesting and appealing to people. But if you’re not motivated, or you do just enough to get by, and only hope for the best – well… good luck, then! Take a few easy steps to make your content and creations worthy of going viral. It’s possible that you could shock yourself, and everyone else.