Important WordPress Plug-ins for Internet Marketers

Just about all but the rankest newbies have heard the name, WordPress. Among the general bloggers, WordPress is a content management system that’s highly popular. However, WordPress is not only for those who blog, anyone can use this CMS including marketers. Au contraire – it can be employed for any kind of site.

And online marketers have discovered this and often use it for sales pages and affiliate blogs, etc. It’s even used as a straight squeeze page, or landing page, and other marketing applications. Anyone who can read is capable of customizing a WordPress theme, and the number of available themes is huge. You can further customize with WordPress plugins to achieve almost any desired function. Ok – we want to talk about several highly useful WordPress plugins important to IM marketers.

You may not understand why, yet – but make sure you install the Google XML Sitemap on your blog plus read-up about using it. This is quite possibly the most important plug-in that you can install into your WordPress site. If you’re going to do SEO, then Google needs to crawl all of your pages – it uses the sitemap to do that. It’s important to help Google maintain an accurate account of your site, so you should create/build a new sitemap at a regular interval depending on how often you add content. If you try to do this long hand it becomes a time consuming ordeal. With the sitemap plug-in, however, your sitemap is updated automatically every time you update your website.

A standard plugin for SEO is the All in One SEO Pack, and it’s highly recommended. This plugin is a huge time-saver because it will do all the code-work for you, you just fill out a few quick fields and that’s it. It just does the normal on-page SEO factors, which are important, and it does it everytime you make a post, create a new page, etc. It’s very handy for avoiding those minor slaps for duplicate content, etc.

All you have to do is select the noindex setting for different pages of your site. Precise optimization of your website for the search engines is important and will only help you to succeed in business.

Traffic is something everyone needs, and you should diversify your traffic and so the Landing Sites plugin will help you in that regard. Most of the time when someone hits the front page of a site they take a look at that one page and then maybe click a link or two. With the Landing Sites plug in, your landing page will give your site visitors links to related content on other parts of your site. It keeps them interested and clicking through your site.

Every new page they look at is another opportunity to promote yourself and your wares. Of course this is something that’s highly desirable for anyone with a business website. WordPress CMS is an extremely powerful IM tool to have in your pocket. Years ago it really wasn’t used that much by the IM crowd, but now all of that has changed and it’s transforming the IM industry. WordPress can be used effectively by almost anyone. It’s not unusual at all to find marketers who have not used blogs before, but they’re realizing how powerful and versatile they are. Even those who have no intention of starting a blog can use WordPress for their business and personal sites. So all the plugins basically make it possible to have your site do almost anything you want.